Lindsey Peck Scherloum       |              North Braddock, PA.             |            gleaneuse{at}gmail{dot}com 

My goal is to surface stories within members of my audience that place their identities in the context of a material and social world.  I am especially interested in creating spaces for stories unlike my own, and which are not yet part of mainstream discourse.  I use what I call a prompt, or a framework through which audiences can reflect on their own experiences. The prompt is the question, as well as the way to look at and organize the answers. I craft these parameters to create tension between objects, information, or people; it is in this space that humans are able to engage their own memories, ideas, and concerns in concert with others. 

My training in film and digital photography, printmaking, literary arts, and sculpture in clay, textile, and found objects informs the two and three dimensional manifestations of my work. But my practice finds structure and meaning in interactive and time based circumstances, performance, installation, and what some people would call education.  My aim is not to give information, however, but to gather perspectives, pull ideas out, and offer processes to realize them in a material realm.  Interactive forms use my training in theater, learning research, language, anthropology and architecture, and my extensive, meandering, domestic and foreign travel. From these disciplines, I have focused my interests on examining the cultural assumptions we bring to decisions and judgements about other people and the ordinary objects and environments we interact with regularly. 



-Curriculum Vitae-

boOST Fellowship — Action Research
University of Pittsburgh School of Education and A.P.O.S.T. | Pittsburgh, PA | 9/2015 - 5/2016
MFA in Creative Writing — Creative Non Fiction |Certificate in Teaching Writing
Chatham University | Pittsburgh, PA | 8/2012 
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies —Anthropology and Visual Art
New York University, Gallatin School | New York, NY | 5/2004 
Fun-a-Day: 31 Postcard Puzzle Pieces | Artist Image Resource | Pittsburgh, PA 3/2018
Public Installation: Wattle | Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA | installed 6/2017  Invited visitors and staff to practiced weaving and help construct the installation.
Installation/Performance: “Clocking In: Labor Defines” | The MINE Factory | Pittsburgh, PA | 8/2016
Public Sculpture/Installation:There’s Something in the Dirt: Saint’s Tour “| Bricolage Production Company and Real Time Interventions | Throughout Braddock, PA | 4/2015
Sculpture: Sweetwater Annual Cup Show | Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickeley, PA| One Month 6/2015
Sculpture, Photography: Three Rivers Juried Visual Art Exhibition | Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust BuildIng, Pittsburgh PA | 6/2014
Sculpture: ClaySpace Juried Art Exhibition | ClaySpace, Chicago, IL|4/2014
Multimedia Installation, Photography, Sculpture: Faster Than Walking| Unsmoke Systems Artspace. Braddock, PA | 4/2013
Photographs, object, text and video based installations which uses hitch-hiking to communicate the spatial impact of the US highways system on people traveling it.
Performance, Installation, Sculpture, Photography: “Three Ring Circus” | Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA | 2/2012
Costumes and characters created and planted at the monthly reading series “Word Circus.”
Sculpture, Engagement: Mississippi River Project |Mississippi River, MN to MO USA. | Twelve Months 2008 | http://www.mississippiriverproject.blogspot.com/ 
Made seaworthy sculpture from recycled materials, and navigated it by bicycle powered paddle wheels down 600 miles of the Mississippi river.
Performance, Textiles, Sculpture:“Token Dinner - The Gallery Series” | Transmissions Gallery.  Albany, CA | 11/2006 
Performance, Wearable Sculpture: You Know, For the Kids | Tilden Park.  Berkeley, CA | 10/2004   
Wearable Sculpture, Photography: “Gallatin Arts Festival”| Gallery A. New York, NY |  4/ 2004   
Photography, Sculpture, Painting: “In Flux”  | Garage Gallery, Rockville, MD | 5/2000   
Artist in Residence
UNITED SOMALI BANTU OF GREATER PITTSBURGH | Office of Public Art | Pittsburgh, PA | 4/2017 - 6/2019
Artist in the Public Realm Residency through Office of Public Art, Mayor’s Office and Welcome PGH. Test and refine engagement strategies with Somali Bantu refugee community in Pittsburgh, then collaborate with them in the design and production of a public artwork. The artwork aims to better integrate the Somali Bantu community to the resources and social realm of Pittsburgh, without losing connection to their ethnic identity and history.
Senior Teaching Artist
CARNEGIE MUSEUM OF ART | Pittsburgh, PA | 8/2016 - Present
Develop and implement several art projects over the course of 18 weeks in The Art Connection.  These projects are made in collaboration with grade 8 students, and the artwork in the museum’s collections.  Projects include a series of performances that repeat ordinary actions to communicate the experiences of adolescence; and a mosaic of small square assemblages that each represent the cultural identity of the person who made it.
CARNEGIE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY | Pittsburgh, PA | 8/2014 - 8/2017
Designed community engagement strategies, communication tools, and workshops as part of federally funded funded Climate and Urban Systems Partnership in Pittsburgh. Coordinated Youth Summit on Race and Identity, attended and led by 150 youth from 20 area organizations. Designed and implemented student-centered learning for collaborative project in collaboration with scientists from University of Pittsburgh and teenagers from Oakland high schools. Wrote and led two week-long lessons for summer Youth Museum Institute. 
Teaching Artist: Community Art Lab and Summer Art Cooperative
THE MATTRESS FACTORY | Pittsburgh, PA | 8/2015,  7/2016
Led 7 - 10 year olds in an exploration of space and installation art culminating in a collaborative installation in the museum galleries, and taught sculpture with natural materials to teenagers.
Garden Manager/Educator/CoFounder
GARDWEENO! | North Braddock, PA | 4/2014 - Present
Led youth age 10 - 13 in the re-imagination of an abandoned lot in their neighborhood into a collaborative garden and art installation. Gardweeno! on facebook.
Teaching Artist
PITTSBURGH CENTER FOR THE ARTS | Pittsburgh, PA | 2013 - 2015
Taught three dimensional arts courses to youth ages 10 - 13, adults and families, including fashion design, visual storytelling, sewing and sculpture.
Visiting Artist
WORDS WITHOUT WALLS | Pittsburgh, PA | 2/2012 - Present 
Share storytelling strategies and facilitate dialogue about personal experience in creative writing workshops with adult inmates at Allegheny County Jail and Western Pennsylvania State Correctional Institute. Collaborate on several multimedia installations.
Team Coordinator: Media Team
THE BRADDOCK YOUTH PROJECT | Braddock, PA | 5/2013 - 8/2014
Lead youth in the implementation of youth-generated community projects including the development of a community cafe, and public art projects. 
Teaching Artist
EKIALO KIONA COMMUNITY RADIO | Mfangano Island, KENYA | 12/2012 – 2/2013 
Taught journalism, community documentary and ethnography skills to young adults and helped them produce audio programs that explored the modern experience of their ancestral identity and endangered language. Aided in the organization of a new radio station.
Project Manager - Global Focus Program
CHATHAM UNIVERSITY | Pittsburgh, PA | 9/2010 - 5/2012
Designed and implemented co-curricular international education program.  Wrote promotional materials. Coordinated visits by ambassadors, guest speakers, lectures and presentations and ongoing educational initiatives. 
Drawings/Collage: untitled | Does it Fold? | edited by David Scher | New York, 2017
Non-Fiction: “In Conversation With Landscape: Invasive Species for Fiber Arts” | Fiber Art Now | Winter, 2013. 
Non-Fiction: “Sense and Sensibilities: Hansel Bauman on DeafSpace” | Universal Design News, Vol. 13 no. 3 | July, 2013.
Non-Fiction: “A Lesson in Containment”| Hot Metal Bridge, Issue 12| Fall, 2012.
Non-Fiction/Screenplay: “Faster Than Walking” | Chatham University, Thesis Manuscript | 8/2012
Non-Fiction: “Betty Siegel and Art For All” | Universal Design News, Vol. 12 no. 3 | July, 2012.
Non-Fiction: “The Power of Literature and Translation: An Interview with John Balaban”|The Fourth River, Issue 9| Summer, 2012.
Photography: “Performance”, “Bubble Girl” | Weave Magazine, Issue 7 |Spring, 2012.
Poetry: “Lost”| Mudthroat RecordsFrom Brine to Bed, Issue 4. | Summer 2012.
Non-Fiction: “Powerful Women Forging our Future: Marsha Mazz”| Universal Design News, Vol 10 No. 4 | 10/2010
Poetry: “It turned from Artemesia” Photography: 17 untitled pinholes |Mudthroat RecordsMoon maps, Noon Naps,  Issue 3 | Summer, 2010.
Non-Fiction: “Louis Tenenbaum: On The Lost Art Of Aging” | Universal Design News, Vol 10 No. 3 | 7/2010
Poetry: untitled | Humanus: Journal of Human Rights , NYU.  Issue 1| 11/ 2002
Poetry: “Leisure and Pleasure” Photography: untitled | Finelines. Richard Montgomery | Spring  2000.
Committee Member, ReMake Learning Awards, Sprout Fund, (2016)
Community Partner of the Year, Gardweeno!, Monongahela Valley Initiative and North Braddock Cares, 45th Senatorial District Certificate of Recognition (2015)
Board of Directors Words Without Walls, Chatham University. (2014 - Present)
Juror Award, Nick Chambers Andy Warhol Museum Three Rivers Art Festival Juried Art Exhibition, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (2014)
ReMake Summer Learning Award, $5,000. Sprout Fund, project manager: Gardweeno! (2014)
Scale Up Award, $10,000.  Berkeley Big Ideas, EK creative media consultant: Ekialo Kiona FM Youth Radio (2014)
Youth and Social Justice Award, $2,000. Berkeley Big Ideas, team member: Ekialo Kiona FM Youth Radio (2012)