you know, for the kids

Performance: December 2004, Berkeley Hills, Berkeley, CA

In November 2004 I proposed to Tristan Buckner in the back of an auditorium at the University of California Berkeley after having met a few weeks earlier. He said yes, contingent on a platonic partnership, each of us in separate serious relationships at the time, and a business plan to make babies and sell them to couples that couldn't have their own children. We could exercise and exploit this right, as a heterosexual pair, to demonstration that the legal, political institution of marriage describes more accurately those unions made for legal, political, or financial gain, and not relationships of love.

The wedding took place on Dec 11, 2004 in a eucalyptus grove in the Berkely hills. I made a wedding gown out of a sail, my bridesmaids used garbage bags for their dresses.  The Archduke Ferdinand made a guest appearance, and was subsequently shot. Also, there was a part with knives.

photos -- Jesse LeMon